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Rose Day 2016

ROSE DAY – 2016
Celebrating Life….

Rose Day is observed to bring awareness, confidence and cheer to cancer patients and their families / caregivers. It also gives awareness about the disease and its importance to normal people. It is observed on September 22nd every year all over the world.

Cancer is still dreaded because of the psycho social effects it brings to the patient and the family. Awareness is important not only for the patients to know and understand the disease, but also for others to be cautious about their health and lifestyle.

Early diagnosis gives the person a higher chance of cure. People have to be educated about the importance of early diagnosis and remove their hesitation to go for a health checkup and motivate people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and habits.

Today several advanced treatments with minimal side effects are available to treat the disease which gives a better quality of life. A positive attitude can be very supportive for the patients’ health during and after treatment as it augments the response to treatment for a better outcome.Awareness and motivational events like Rose Day help them regain their confidence and positive outlook of life. It is way of supporting all those who are fighting with cancer and show them that they are not alone in their fight against the disease and that they can face the disease with strong will power and spirit.

With the theme message of இனிது இனிது வாழ்தல் இனிது!’ insisting on a positive outlook on life, the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Kovai Medical Center & Hospital (KMCH) is celebrating Rose day to give hope, support and confidence to our cancer patients. Patients and their caregivers are invited for the function. It is celebrated to show that there is life after cancer and it can be active, joyful, fulfilling and inspiring. It is also an opportunity to create awareness to increase the quality of life after cancer by addressing the physical, emotional, financial and social burdens, the cancer survivors face.

The Cancer support group in KMCH is dedicated to provide support and help to other newly diagnosed patients and those under treatment to overcome the mental trauma, demotivating thoughts and to continue treatment with more information, hope, confidence and support. They are friends with whom the patients can share their experiences and take support.

This Rose day was celebrated in a grand manner at comprehensive cancer center at KMCH with enthusiastic participation from patients. Rose flowers were distributed to all the cancer patients by the staff and support group members. The function started at 10 am in the Auditorium of KMCH hospital.

The function was inaugurated by Vice Chairman, KMCH, Dr.Thavamani Palaniswami by lighting the kuthuvilaku. Dr.N.Sudhakar, Consultant Medical Oncologist, welcomed the gathering. Dr.Nalla G Palaniswami, Chairman, KMCH Group of Institutions presided over the function. Dr G Gnanasambandan, Professor, Tamil scholar & orator and actor, was the Guest of Honour. Dr.R.Subramaniam, Radiation Oncologist spoke on the importance of support group. Entertainment programmes for the patients was conducted. A poetry on the theme was given by support group member.

Dr.R.Subramaniam, Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Dr.Firoz Rajan, Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Dr.T.Rajasekar, Consultant HaematoOncologist, Dr.S.Ramaprabhahari, Consultant HaematoOncologist, Dr.Madhu Sairam, Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Dr.Bharath Rangarajan, Consultant Medical Oncologist, honored the Guests.

All oncology consultants and surgeons along with the other consultants, management team and staff of the hospital were present at the function. After the meeting, a grand lunch was served to all. About 300 patient and their family members attended the function. The involvement and participation from our patients in spreading the message that there is life after cancer and it is a reality, is encouraging. We request all to spread this message.

KMCH Liver Series 2



The clinicians of KMCH liver institute not only focus on treating liver related diseases and transplantation of liver but also closely get involved in doing many outreach programs for general and specialized surgeons across the state of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry.

One such initiative was mooted six months ago at KMCH that is the “KMCH Liver Series“. Through this initiative the KMCH liver institute has decided to impart the specialized knowledge to practicing clinicians and General Surgeons at large. In continuation to that activity, KMCH liver institute is hosting the second such program – Workshop on vascular surgery and liver surgical workshop on 23rd & 24th July, 2016 at KMCH, Avanashi Road, Coimbatore.

Suturing of blood vessels and liver resection techniques have always been Achilles heel for every surgeon. Hence we thought we will introduce aspiring surgeons to the various techniques available for them take these special skills forward says Course Director Dr.S.Vivekanandan, Head of KMCH Liver Institute.

The course is aimed at Gastro Intestinal Surgeons with special interest in Liver surgery or who wish to pursue a career in Liver transplantation. The participants will be taught on animal tissues on various techniques and they will be mentored by a very experienced faculty, who come from all over India.

The course is aimed at M.Ch post graduates and surgeons with special interest in Liver surgery. This is a course certified by Ethicon.

Dr.Nalla G Palaniswami, Chairman KMCH addressed the gathering and appreciated the Liver Institute Team Dr.S.Vivekanandan, Dr.R.Rajeev Sinha and Dr.R.Arulraj for having initiated this meaningful platform for the young surgeons across the geographies. Further the Chairman KMCH emphasized that, KMCH as an institution always focused on educating upcoming talents by way of organizing regular workshops and clinical sessions.

Neo Paed 2016

NEO-Paed 2016, a Regional level Continued Medical Education programme for practicing Neonatologists and Paediatrician was held at Kovai Medical Center and Hospital on 3rd July,2016. This programme was inaugurated by Dr.Nalla G Palaniswami, Chairman, KMCH and Guest of Honour, Dr.Kumutha, NNF President of Tamilnadu chapter who was the chief guest, Dr.Thavamani D Palaniswami, Vice Chairman, KMCH and Dr.Mohan Gounder, Joint Managing Director, KMCH, with Lighting the Kuthuvilakku, symbolizing the ray of hope. Adding that, Dr.Nalla G Palaniswami, Chairman addressed the gathering.

The programme was proceeded by 2 workshops, which included Advanced neonatal resuscitation training programme held at PSG Hospitals and Neonatal nursing care workshop held at Ramakrishna Hospitals which was organised by Coimbatore Neonatal Association for the benefit of Practicing Neonatologist and Paediatricians. The problems in newborn babies and premature babies need special and early recognition and management, if not these babies may end up with more complication resulting in poor outcome. Hence the purpose of this meet was to highlight the recognition of these issues and appropriate treatment management.

Many renowned speakers from all over South India like, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Trivandrum had come and participated in this Regional Level programme which was attended by more than 180 delegates, consisting of Neonatologist, Paediatrician and Neonatal nurses from all over South India.

Many common problems of newborn and premature babies, were discussed and debated to the delegates during this CME. The highlight of the discussions were, feeding issues in premature babies, optimising the nutrition for premature babies, baby friendly ways of management of sick babies with breathing difficulties, developmental care of extreme premature babies which is very essential for a good outcome in surviving premature babies.

Latest ways of managing babies who are very sick at birth, called cooling therapy, and problems of vision in premature babies which has to be identified early for good outcome were also discussed. Some of the common gene and metabolism related issues of newborn babies were also discussed.

There was an excellent panel discussion by a group of faculties who discussed about newborn infections, which is a major contributor for newborn deaths in India. This was followed by a lecture on using natural friendly bacteria called Probiotics which may decrease the incidence of newborn infection. All senior faculties came to the venue well preapred and delivered high standard lecture and deligates had participated with total involvement.

Dr. AR Srinivas, Neonatologist, KMCH & NNF President of Coimbatore Neonatal Association and Dr.Selvaraj, Neonatologist, Ganga Hospital & NNF secretary of Coimbatore Neonatal association were the event co-ordinators.